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Strategic: DIY, ranked by Standard Deviation

for period ending September 30, 2021
Use the table below to compare the performance of all the portfolios in this peer group. You may sort by any column by clicking on the column headings in the gray row.
   Standard Deviation Total Return, annualized
Recipe NameIDCategory1 year3 year5 year7 year10 year15 year 1 year3 year5 year7 year10 year15 year
  Group average11.1%***** 18.0%*****
Strategic 50-50s.5050Balanced8.7%***** 14.7%*****
Strategic 60-40 Portfolios.6040Balanced10.3%***** 18.0%*****
Strategic 70-30 Portfolios.7030High Equity11.9%***** 21.4%*****
7Twelve Israelsons.712Balanced11.3%***** 23.8%*****
Strategic 80-20 Portfolios.8020High Equity13.7%***** 24.9%*****
ETF Aggressives.aggrHigh Equity13.9%***** 25.0%*****
Lazy: Aronsons.aronHigh Equity12.2%***** 20.6%*****
Ben Stein inspireds.bensHigh Equity13.1%***** 23.5%*****
Harry Browne inspireds.browLow Equity6.9%***** 3.0%*****
Lazy: Ultimate Buy & Holds.buyhBalanced10.8%***** 18.9%*****
Lazy: Coffeehouses.coffBalanced10.7%***** 20.4%*****
Couch Potato: Scott Burnss.coucBalanced9.0%***** 18.0%*****
Ray Dalio inspireds.daliLow Equity6.6%***** 9.9%*****
Ben Graham 50-50s.grahBalanced10.5%***** 17.5%*****
Safe Haven Portfolios.haveBalanced9.7%***** 8.3%*****
Ivy Portfolios.ivypLow Equity12.4%***** 26.8%*****
Six Ways from Sundays.lazyBalanced14.1%***** 28.6%*****
Low Volatility Portfolios.lowvHigh Equity6.2%***** 7.1%*****
Lazy: Margaritavilles.margBalanced11.5%***** 20.2%*****
ETF Moderates.modeBalanced10.2%***** 18.0%*****
Lazy: No Brainers.nobrHigh Equity14.9%***** 24.6%*****
No Equity Portfolios.noeqLow Equity9.7%***** 4.3%*****
Permanent Pluss.plusLow Equity10.2%***** 2.5%*****
Lazy: Second Graders.secoHigh Equity15.5%***** 26.1%*****
Lazy: Smart Moneys.smarBalanced10.3%***** 20.5%*****
Black Swan Hyperinflations.swanLow Equity13.2%***** 23.2%*****
David Swensen inspireds.swenBalanced12.1%***** 19.5%*****
Talmud Broad Markets.talbLow Equity11.5%***** 20.7%*****
Talmud with Blue Chips.talcLow Equity11.3%***** 17.9%*****
Talmud Equities and Golds.talgLow Equity12.2%***** 18.6%*****
Talmud Dividend Equitiess.talmLow Equity12.5%***** 18.3%*****
Talmud with Small Caps.talsLow Equity12.1%***** 26.0%*****
Worst Case Scenarios.worsLow Equity5.3%***** 1.4%*****
Lazy: Yale Unconventionals.yaleHigh Equity12.3%***** 19.7%*****